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My interest in teaching is to bring
a renewed sense of connection
into each movement through
breath, emotion, and energy


Currently based in Bristol UK

1.15 hour – £8 pp

If you have space in your home for 4-8 people and is interested in setting up a homely community in your space (either as a one-off or on a weekly basis), schedule a time for me to come round and share the practice with you and your guests.

As a host, the class will be free of charge in exchange for contacting guests and facilitating the space.

As a guest, the class will cost £8.

1 hour – £8 pp

Pranayama: A journey of breath and mind traversing different states of consciousness. Implementation of breath techniques to sooth the mind reduce stress in order to cultivate Dharana (focus).

Yoga Nidra: Guided meditations tailored to bring awareness to specific parts of the self.

1.15 hour – £35 for one + £10 pp
(Suitable for one to one session or for small groups of 4-6 people)

The aim is to help you explore the many layered landscape of your amazing body. Breath is life, allow it to guide your practice through controlled exhales.

Focus your awareness inwards to feel the flow of the pose – before experiencing the flow between the asanas – and experience deep states of relaxation and introspection.

Explore the emotional body by revisiting aspects of your shadow and inner child through the lens of compassion and play.

  • Overcoming injouries
  • Strenghtening body
  • Deepening self-practice
For bookings, enquires or for further informations,
email me at

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Having had a fair few injures myself and two surgeries, I have come to realise how we (unintentionally) detach from the injoured body. Weakening the nerves and muscles around the area to the point of making them dormant. Consequently, this leads to imbalances within the body as we loose engagement in certain area compensating with tensing up other areas.

Drawn by Iyenger’s method which focuses on alignment, has heavily influenced my self-practice and my Hatha flow teachings. One of the main things that I focus during a class in on creating space in the body through internal micro movements.

Picture a balloon filled with water. When squeezed, it forces the balloon to seek new space to accommodate the internal movement of fluids. Similarly, our bodies do the same when we consciously engage certain muscles to move space from the arches of our feet all the way up to the crown of our heads.

Since one of the first principals of Yoga is to remove suffering from the self, I like to cross-pollinate different schools and practices in my flow to heighten our relationship between mind and body. Through play we can lessen mental barriers and help the body free itself from stiffness while you rediscover its potential.