This is a personal projects between my brother and I and given the intimacy between our relationship I wanted to expose the many layers of my brother Robert which my parents were not aware of.

The main reason for starting this project was noticing the discrepancy between what parents in general saw and thought about their kinds and and what I being able to spend much more time with them saw. A frequent sentence that I heard and bugged me was “Why are you lazy?” and “What are you hiding?”. I realize, from my own experience as a teenager and observing others, that in this tender and vulnerable period of time we unintentionally learn about masks. Due to social unwritten rules dictated by either the educational system or by indoctrinated adults a sense of privacy towards the identity of the person arises, hence the mask. No longer kinds, screaming in the playground unaware of social rules nor conformed adults strong in their identity, teenagers undergo a major psychological shifts of themselves and of others. A new perception of how to integrate and to interact with others begins to morph the individual setting up extreme barriers and boundaries in order to behave amongst different circumstances.

Over time, growing our sense of identity we start to shed and moult the barriers as the need to hide diminishes. However, during this period of personal understanding about the Self the act of hiding or lying stems from a deeper place of turmoil within the person. The fear of sharing and confiding in the parent generates the internal struggle that generally will be resolved through encouragement and support.