finding me

Finding Me is a project that deals with emotional, psychological and physical repression. Not being a psychologist, psychiatrist or for that matter have any qualification of the sort I can only provide intuitive and personal understanding. I have always been drawn to the power of our brain. Ironically the more I learned about it, the more ignorant I felt which perpetuated my study in alternative ways of healing.
I myself suffered from depression for 5 years and over time I have learned how to come out of it without external help. My experience has definitely shaped me and pushed me to investigate the “Masks” that we carry. Despite the perception gained, I still find it relatively easy in moments of great weakness to retreat back into myself alienating the world around me.
Knowing the moods, the beliefs, the feeling and the pain, it is quite easy for me to recognise it in others and provide support. With the use of the camera it can generate a medium that cuts through social barriers staging an unconventional ambiance for me to work with; to empower the individual by providing them the necessary tools to regain the loos and often forgotten reins to their life.