the anecdote of the boiling frog

The title alludes to Al Gore’s analogy of the frog who didn’t jump out of the boiling pot due to its lack of awareness, resulting in its death.

Similarly, I wanted to bring this metaphor, used to represent global warming, to the social arena of the 21st century. A century that prides on “freeing” humanity from poverty, hunger, diseases, wars, and inequality. Although, this is only partly true in 1st-world countries.
A philosophical debate between the Western concept of culture (which encourages a silent enslavement of the masses through the commodity) and the idyllic Eastern religion (based on moral stories and virtues) clash into a Yin-Yang dance to forge the ideal society. The East, rooted in tradition gives a strong sense of collective purpose, while the West, uprooted from embedded traditions allows an individualistic approach to one’s purpose.
I chose Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station in Nottinghamshire for its rebellious history towards its existence and to the local authorities, who due diligently prevented it from being shut down on repeated occasions. This gray infostructure towers over the small train station and the surrounding dock, where families live in narrowboats and small trailer homes. Fathers still cast their lines into the warm foamy river with their sons just as their dads did with them when the rivers were clean, in 1968.
“Iron, concrete and smog: the backbone of our illusionary reality.

We live in a world shrouded by a beautiful veil of seduction eclipsing the truths that surround us. We only see what the gods want us to see. This is the world of Maya. The supreme consciousness is kept hidden behind the veil of multiple illusions, of which we are constantly distracted by and call Ego. This fuels the illusion of a singular and individual consciousness. This fragmentation has manipulated our species into believing, for millennia, in the illusion of a possessive power as an actual reality. Through ignorance, we created Maya and accepted her illusion. As Schopenhauer said, “the world is my representation” as I experience, live and feel my emotions, I generate a subjective reality.

However, through contemplation, we caught the illusion and renamed her Aditya (absence of knowledge). The duality of the goddess exists only through ignorance and acceptance of the Ego. Except, we do not live in a world of Gods, rather in a world of humans that like to play Maya, illuding the imperfect reflection of a perfect world. We created this currency that we bow down to and through ignorance, accept its reality. However, the use of excessive attempted control over the real and digital world, enforced by political agendas, using methods of military and censorship, exposes the toxic illusion.

It’s time for us to jump out of the boiling pot.”