Observing different urban infrastructure (such as houses, warehouses, car parks, offices, roads and city nodes) in various cities across Europe, made me realize how we utilize space and how we re-utilize buildings. This notion of waste and wasteful abandonment left an unpleasant bitter taste in my mouth, so I chose to explore deeper in the social and economic reasonings.
There more I looked, there more I more I felt I was falling into a nonsensical loophole. From the local council lacking regulatory power due to the free market, to the investor set to see juicy profits and to the end consumer, all seemed eager to mindlessly buy into the non-sustainable, and often bullish, materialistic capitalism.
I chose to locate my shoot in Italy, Puglia, as the Masseria captured that sense of simple farm-land families abandoning not only their identity but also their home, built by their ancestors. These beautiful vacant buildings (worth at times millions) capture an intimate moment of their crumbling history, representing a failed attempted towards a healthy and holistic society.