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As a Photographer Storyteller,
I enjoy creating narratives
of feelings and thoughts
around natural lighting.

Mindful Photography

A photography workshop for kids or/and adults to explore their creativity, learn about accountability and self-expression.

  • Duration: 1hour – £15pp
  • Minimum 4 max 12 people

Through various playful structures, we will explore how to test personal boundaries (i.e. fears, doubts, confidence) and cultivate an inquisitive mind.

The focus is to cultivate inner creativity by using photography as a means to concretely share your vision with others (through display and presentation), and be valued for it.

Music Collaborations

    Whether you want something traditional or quite out there, I enjoy the creative process of visualising a story to compliment your music
    narrative and message.

  • Price: £45ph – £300 all day
  • Where: sets, on location and gigs

    • As artist we convey emotions through different mediums, I work with light and you work with vibrations.

      Let’s collaborate to transmute your bars and beats into a 2D image.

      Movement Collaborations

      As a Wellbeing Coach and Hatha teacher, I integrate my techniques and awareness from these profession into each shot.

      Looking at psychical performance (awareness to injuries and
      alignment) and at the emotional and psychological relationship of the
      self under stress.
      • Price: £45ph
      • Where: indoors & outdoors

      My interest is to capture how creatively we can move our bodies in relationship to self expression.

      Food &

      Lets start by saying that I absolutely love food, and leave it at that.

      Currently shooting and writing for my own Vegan Cookbook. If you’d like a sneaky peak click here.

      • Price: £45ph
      • What: product and action shots

      What I like to capture in food is the mouth watering sensations and belly rumbling reactions through various perspectives.

      I like to step away from the conventional box-light set up and relay instead on natural lighting. Gritty is the new sexy…sorry yummy.

      Events &

      Given that my interests fan out into a broad spectrum of fields –  from tech to sports and from community gatherings to sex positive festivals – I am pretty chill with people and conferrable in almost any environment.

      • Price: £45ph – £300 all day
      • What: celebrations, private parties, conferences, competitions, and festivals

        What I get most out of from these hires are the connection with the people. Each event has it’s own community, its identity, its niche.

        And me being me, I find joy in seeing how humans express their happiness and excitement in so many beautiful and meaningful ways.


        For any enquirers, bookings and price arrangements please contact me via email or DM me on one of my social channels 👌

        Personal Work

        Things that grab my eye and capture my imagination

        Work for Sale

        Digital prints available on Getty and iStock

        Books from publications, specific prints and shipment
        please email me: