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Mindful Monkey

Wellbeing Coach

I believe that we are here (on this planet) to have a human experience, and that for me is to share our story. A story about you. A story where you don’t try to fit into a narrative, but rather a story that fulfills your narrative. I was sold a story of masculinity and success that I never connected with. I tried to pic the best version available to me at the time which made me feel more and more removed from this world. For me everything starts from an emotions. Therefore when we feel a resistance in “doing” something (procrastination, lethargicness, doubt, confidence drop, etc) it’s signalling us that we haven’t met a strong need.

I decided to look for my own story fit for my beliefs. In that process I questioned my actions, my desires, my beliefs, my sexuality, my purpose, my identity, and ultimately the relationship between mind and consciousness. And what I have learned is that we all grow up with incredibly gifted pre-built tools, but aren’t taught how to use them that I call the 5intelligence’s (5i’s).

I realised that all too often we get frustrated with our tools, play victim with them or shame ourselves. I would like to share with you my processes by teaching you how to set up solid emotional foundations. I am here to listen to you. I am here to provide you with guidance while you work on creating your own story to match your core values. And hopefully, to carry on inspiring change in others.

It pains me to see how quickly we tend to write off our precious lives to a belief system
that brings us little to no happiness. My desire is to prevent the suicide of the mind, body, and soul. We have one life, and the clock is ticking. Please, don’t waste it away behind a screen, looking at a clock, or jumping off a ledge. Life is precious. You are incredibly special, gifted and you have so much to enjoy, believe me.

My methods are mainly focused around communication, movement, and observation. According to your personality (tactile, visual, emotional, logical, experiential) I customize the techniques so you can take action in your everyday life with or without me. That is why I like to primarily work with our 5i’s, a few of our pre-built tools. Understanding how to communicate with them will unlock in us an arsenal of superheroes. I am here to guide you to find your own tools to transmute fear (old patterns)
into an emotion that you want to feel (new patterns).

Life, if lived in a mindful way is filled with daily joy.

Currently based in Bristol UK.
Often travel to areas in London, Manchester and Brighton.


[Since Mindful Monkey is a specific and targeted version of me, ask to play with Monkey when wanting mentorship. Otherwise ask to play with me when wanting to experience dipping your hand into Bertie Bot’s Flavoured Beans box!]

Duration: min 3 days • Donation based.

I have been described as a walking retreat for people who are too busy being caught up with the daily grind, and that sums me up pretty well.

I truly believe that one of the most effective ways of learning is through mindful observation. That is precisely why I choose to live in people’s homes. By inviting me (and therefore an element of monkey), you will gain a snapshot in to my reality: an alternate way of living, thinking, being, doing and communicating.

We might make bread together or cook a meal. Go slack lining, or do yoga together. Swap music, books, and movies. Play chess and philosophy about life, beacuse life is meant to be enjoyed.

Playing with Monkey [max 3 hours a day]

I am here to provide insight, guidance, constructive frameworks, and to
transmute harmful habits and beliefs into ones that truly serve you.

From holistic practices (energy, breath work, nutrition, yoga, meditation, crystals, etc.) to self-management techniques (time, space, body, and emotional management, accountability, stress-redux, focus-up, etc) we will work on either establishing or deepening the connection with your 5i’s (the mind, the breath, the emotions, the belly, and the body).

If you are looking to integrate new routines but not sure how to break out of old cycles or you are looking to deepen your awareness of certain triggers. Or you are interested in receiving a new perspective on your personal and professional methods, I can facilitate a safe and structured space for you to ask, explore, experiment and question your intentions.

On the first day, we would discuss your intentions for my stay, and, in the days to follow I will customise methods to best suit your personality and directly integrate them into your current routine.

Duration: 1-2hrs • Donation based.

Same structures from the In-House coaching method without me living and sharing experiences with you.

This method works very well if you are:

  • Already working on some processes and would like to be supported when entering a delicate or painful space.
  • Wanted to express yourself and be heard in a non judgmental space.
  • Looking for a structure to take home and explore.
  • Seeking perspective on personal matters.
  • Follow ups.

Or maybe you are wanting to engage in a meaningful conversation and get a taster of what I do.

Duration: 1-2hrs • Donation based.

Same structures from the In-House coaching method without me living and sharing experiences with you.

Explore how to set up a strong relationship with yourself and with others (romantic, friendship, and business alike).

For business of groups between 4-12 people we will explore in one session one of these topics through playful games and activities:

How to establish personal boundaries.
How to learn to trust in one and another.
How to identify and ask for what you desire.
How to listen without evaluating nor absorbing your partner emotions.
How to become aware of your trigger points and learn to transmute it.
How to give a voice to the emotions that scare you in a controlled structure.
How to share your thoughts in a way that can be heard and understood by your partner.

For bookings, enquires or for further informations,
email me at


I have worked with Thomas (aka Mindful Monkey). He is such an intuitive & wise soul!!!

I definitely resonate with his teachings & tools he has given me so much, as I believe they are paramount to create more space in your life (especially with nowadays, overloaded by information world, we can get lost).

I will be doing more work with him, as I am in the middle of my processes, but already have seen MASSIVE improvement in my day to day life. Very grateful for this connection, truly.

Thank you Mindful Monkey for showing me that freedom, is not that difficult to find.
The work the mindful monkey (TMM) does is remarkable. From the space and routine optimisation, cleansing each room (finding each rooms purpose), to the decluttering, appreciation, awareness (think a deeper Marie Kondo from an Italian male perspective who is aware of divine femininity) of what I actually possess.

This was deep(Identified my core fears and gifts that I continue to share with the world), yet enjoyable work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Due to TMM having his own routine, he integrates into a space so seemlessly offering assistance to process thoughout where necessary and giving space when needed.

We exchanged skills (including doing a case study for my healing work with him and seeing his growth is profound) to a point where this gift economy was of higher value than monititary exchange although I forseen a huge value exchange (in money) coming his way though this profound work (TED Talk Pending 😉 .

TMM knows when he is the teacher and the student and the learnings from all parties are well received. Ever since I have a powerful morning routine that I have adapted for myself, changing the energy of my entire home (noticed by all who have visited since), digital optimisation of processes to propel Aim2Be forward have been put in place and welcome in future collaborations.

So much gratitude for this work and want my entire family to go through this process too haha.

Do this work while you can, because this guys diary is going to fill quickly...