AS a journalist,
I look for social stories
to inform the reader and the viewer
on how they can take action
in their lives and in their cities.


insane root
An independent theatre production

Something very interesting is about to happen in Bristol’s Eastville Park old swimming pool. A dynamic and exciting way to contemporise the “Romeo and Juliet” play, allowing the audience to wander amongst the moving actors.

Creative use of space which guides the audience through the compelling narrative of the play. Stomping, jumping, thumping and singing accompany the solo violin capturing the emotions of the scene.

Stop the coalition war
don’t bomb syria

Organised by the Bristol Stop the Coalition War to echo to unjust inhuman action taken against Syria.

The thick crowed of protesters marched across the city centre peacefully walking and angrily shouting.

Don Don – Japanese street food

When I meet Makoto Nakamura at his food stall prepping up food for the lunch rush, I noticed a shy and humble person smiling to himself happy in his world.

A heartbreaking story about his professional ballet career in London coming abruptly to an end after learning that he needed a second back surgery. Makoto revealed to have a great sense of humour and optimism. When I asked him what was the hardest transition he had to make to get to where he was today as a food vendor, he replied “learning to drive”.

Ray – Retired theology professor

These short recording captured Ray’s alternative way of thinking and therefore living. Exploring the idea of consciousness allowing the self to become aware of our interconnection to all.