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July 17, 2019
  • CG @Dave's

    6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
    2 hours from now

    Melt into the spaces of our tranquil home and garden through conversations, music and (personal or inter-personal) communication. Find your own flow through a meditative labyrinth of reflective ritual, stillness, connection and intuitive movement guided with a deep mix of ambient electronic music to explore our awakening, transformation and growth as one.

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July 23, 2019
  • CG @Neil's

    7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    6 days from now

    MINDFUL MOUTHFULS. "I'm opening up my space for a mindful evening of eating simple food where you are invited to feed each other. Please bring simple nibbles / finger food vegan friendly. We want a whole host of tastes. I'd love to start with a meditation and gratitude practice. Imagine being out on the deck in the garden with a spread of food and asking for or offering to feed, and taking time to savour food. Afterwards we can share and I'd love to finish the eve with some guitar and singing with a fire. All optional of course."

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expect an email with the address a few days before event

CG is a monthly sober space for a cosy, caring community to get together to share conversations, experiences and food. Each month, somebody from the group offers to open their home and host the event in their unique quirky way. We value diversity and welcome vulnerability. [written by Neil]


All it takes, is you. To show up as yourself with whatever you’ve got, with whatever emotions you
are carrying and to see how it unfolds. People and connections is all we ever want. [written by Paul]

Practice consent by asking for what you want and giving honest and polite yes and no’s to open hearted people, willing to come as you feel and to be yourself.[written by Neil]

The connection of oneness is something beautiful, simple and expansive. [written by Dave]


We have a tendency of living in our own bubble. Let’s expand our reality by learning how other people experiencing life. Also, it’s a great way to meet new people and potential long lasting friendships.

Bring something to the table for all to enjoy. A vegan, veggie dish if you have time to make otherwise bring the ingredients over and cook at the event.


Bring vegan food (or non-alcoholic drink) that you enjoy making so that we can all share the story behind your process.


I trust Batman, so if Batman can’t come their +1 still can. However, if the +1 causes trouble Batman might not be invited again.


Because it’s in peoples homes (and I value privacy & security), the address will be sent only to those who reply to the email.


Once a month an email is sent out to the group mailing list informing about the next event, expect the address.


*If we haven’t met before fill the form and we’ll arrange to meet up (walk, tea, slacklining) before the next event.

*If we know each other but haven’t received an invitation, pop your name down and I’ll see you at the next one!

*If we know each other but haven’t received an invitation, pop your name down and I’ll see you at the next one!


Is to form multiple networks of communities which help each other grow.

Most of us have space, space that we seldomly share with others. Our homes and rooms are becoming more like isolation chambers than homes. Trapped we view the world through a screen.

Lets open up our doors to human beings on a consciousness mission.
Is to remind ourselves of the incredibly privileged situation that we live in. Where our reality doesn’t contain the narrative of war, famine, or diseases.

Amongst all the block-buster distractions, it is easy to disconnect and therefore feel at a loss with who we really are.

We have valuable free time, that others don’t. Let’s use it for a collective purpose.

Is to to update our industrial culture to a conscious and wellbing one.

Whatever the tool we choose to use to integrate a holistic way of living (movement, education, entrepreneurship, law, finance, music, etc), together we can make big structural changes.

Be authentic, be you. Write your story so we can collectivily write the Human one.