A Little Bit About Me

I consider myself as a spiritual being that desires to connect and network with creative minds. A big part of my personality is to work between the two very different sides of myself, the artistic creative and the surgically analytical me. I am absolutely enthralled by our outstanding ability to tickle and make emotions bubble within us through the use of different mediums. I thrive on challenges and limitations as my creativity pushes to expand conventional possibilities. I enjoy problem-solving and to help others solve theirs by giving them tools to do so. I seek to hack our unquestioned, unchallenged and conventional way of living. Despite growing up in a 1st world country, we are far away from living in a world filled with humanity.

Growing up being bilingual and living between two countries has given me the tools to observe the undertones of different environments and quickly adapt to their culture. My desire to explore the human brain and its social patterns have set me on trains, planes, and busses across the world to only discover how similar we all are to our needs.

As artists, we can rein in human consciousness by navigating through the ocean of emotions, which is the language that unites us all. From astronomers to wordsmiths, we are all artists seeking answers in this vast universe of ours. Let us collaborate, let us share and let us explore together to manifest our collective reality.
My work is based on a deep seeded social and environmental passion that drives me to communicate and promote awareness towards the viewer.
I aim to capture the contrast between man – nature and its social connections. It is important for me to use my work as a documentary platform,
on which I can study and show the environmental and social changes that are taking place around us.
Over the years, I have found that photography has molded well around my introverted and analytic character as a unique instrument of time.
It reflects my interpretation of the setting and its components igniting the essential dialogue between photographer and viewer.
Through my documentary work I capture these moments in time, unveiling the illusion that we so ‘happily’ live in.
I seek new experiences and opportunities to capture the world with my camera and embrace travel as the ultimate means for my medium.
My goal in life is to shift human consciousness by inspiring and connecting people across the world through the medium of my work or by sharing my experiences.


I believe in a bigger us

An US connected by universal consciousness that leads us
towards a more empathic and global vision of the world