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A method to TUNE IN to our subconscious behaviour,a method to TUNE OUT from our impulsive actions, and a method for us to GROW A NEW sense of self.

Simple techniques to be fashioned
around our everyday life.
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I’m not a therapist. I will share with you only what has worked for me. Learning the joys of letting go and evolving out of toxic mental loops.

That’s why I specialise in emotional communication. By focusing on your needs and feelings you will be able to disconnect the mind and tune into our 5i’s.

My two basic instruments to navigate you through the land of emotions are Observation and Listing. These will become your guides for everyday life.

We are made up of 5 main intelligences (5i’s). The Mind, the Breath, the Emotions, the Belly and the Body. All of which can learn independently from one and another by embodying emotional responses.

My two basic instruments to navigate you through the land of emotions are Observation and Listing. These will become your guides for everyday life.

My method mainly focuses around communication, movement, and observation. According to your personality (tactile, visual, emotional, logical, experiential) I will customise my techniques so you can take action in your everyday life with or without me. From holistic practices (energy, breath work, nutrition, yoga, meditation, crystals, etc.) to self-management techniques (time, space, body, and emotional management, accountability, stress-redux, focus-up, etc) we will work on either establishing or deepening the connection with your needs.

My main teachers helped me understand similar lessons in very different ways. From silence I’ve learnt and I’m refining the art of being present/intuitive, time and emotional management, stress-redux and focus-up. Nature has always been more as my guide, my moral compass and my book of laws. It has thought me space and body management, happy-space and what’s-normal. From animals and kids, given their innocence and inability to process thoughts as we do, I’ve learnt emotional communications, boundary-setting, me-time, forgiveness and now-is-all. My other human teachers I have immense gratitude for them, some are mirrors to my shortcomings others (like Marshal Rosenberg, Bruce Lipton, Ido Portal) have been true pioneers in shaping me.

We are just like computers, there’s an Operating System (the us), there’s Software (the story wich our emotions run on) and there’s
Hardware (the physical being which stores the emotions). If the Software is out of date or faulty it will cause problems to the Operating System. If we don’t re-connect with it quickly, it will harm the Hardware to the point of it failing. Unless we fix the Software, we will always have problems with the Hardware.

I have been described as a walking retreat for people who are caught up with the daily grind.

The reason why I choose to live in people’s homes is because I truly believe that one of the most effective ways of learning is through mindful observation. By living in your home for a day or three, I can help you practice and guide you through my techniques during emotionally charged moments.

Working with families, single parents, couple and individuals I have found that trust comes very natural, meaning we can work a lot faster since there’s very little resistance between us.

Homes are our sanctuaries, however, we often clutter them with emotional baggage. I can show you how to set up your home not only to reflect your inner world but also to create a space which can hold you when having a troublesome day.

Food and accomodation provided.
Reccomened 3 days – Price offer £600

suggested donation £300 per 24/hrs

This works well for people that want to take time out to reflect on habits and emotional patterns. Really helpful as a follow-up to the in-house session or as a stand alone session.

I can meet you at work, at your business, at home, virtually (skype, phone) or at a coffee shop. It all depends on your intention, on what you would like to work on.

Whatever the intention are, we will always start by setting up frameworks: mirrors, understanding the relationship with your 5i’s, refining your communication techniques and finding ways to facilitate healing yourself.

suggested donation £80 per hour


coming up shortly


For bookings, price enquires* or for further informations,
email me at

*If you can pay the whole amount fantastic, you are helping me continue connecting with people that can’t.
Otherwise let’s arrange a call and find a price which works for us both 🙂



I have worked with Thomas (aka Mindful Monkey). He is such an intuitive & wise soul!!!

I definitely resonate with his teachings & tools he has given me so much, as I believe they are paramount to create more space in your life (especially with nowadays, overloaded by information world, we can get lost).

I will be doing more work with him, as I am in the middle of my processes, but already have seen MASSIVE improvement in my day to day life. Very grateful for this connection, truly.

Thank you Mindful Monkey for showing me that freedom, is not that difficult to find.
This beautiful spirit Mindful Monkey came to live with me for a few days while I was in a transitional period of my life. I felt that Thomas tuned into my energy and the space I live in and gave suggestions and offerings that suited my needs and lifestyle. I wasn't aware of how much clutter I had in my home and since Thomas' visit, everything I own now has a purpose and a place which has created such a peaceful space to come back to.

I have some big emotional things to process that I haven't processed over the years, Thomas and I went deep into my belief systems, and combined breath work along with some other techniques which has given me a new way of looking at my habits / actions / beliefs.

The greatest gift Thomas has given me is an openness within me which has extended to me opening up my home for like minded people to come around and share the space I have created, I love this so much, I feel more connected to myself and humanity.

Thank you for being a huge part of my journey towards peace. x
Paul Fletcher
The work the mindful monkey (TMM) does is remarkable. From the space and routine optimisation, cleansing each room (finding each rooms purpose), to the decluttering, appreciation, awareness (think a deeper Marie Kondo from an Italian male perspective who is aware of divine femininity) of what I actually possess.

This was deep (Identified my core fears and gifts that I continue to share with the world), yet enjoyable work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Due to TMM having his own routine, he integrates into a space so seemlessly offering assistance to process thoughout where necessary and giving space when needed.

So much gratitude for this work and want my entire family to go through this process too.
I believe that we are here (on this planet) to have a human experience and that for me is to share our story. A story about you. A story where you don’t try to fit into a narrative, but rather a story that fulfills your narrative. I was sold a story of masculinity and success that I never connected with. I tried to pick the best version available to me at the time which made me feel more and more removed from this world. For me, everything starts with emotions. Therefore when we feel a resistance in “doing” something (procrastination, lethargicness, doubt, confidence drop, etc) it’s signaling us that we haven’t met a strong need.

I decided to look for my own story fit for my beliefs. In that process, I questioned my actions, my desires, my beliefs, my sexuality, my purpose, my identity, and ultimately the relationship between mind and consciousness. And what I have learned is that we all grow up with incredibly gifted pre-built tools, but aren’t taught how to use them that I call the 5intelligence’s (5i’s).

I realised that all too often we get frustrated with our tools, play victim with them or shame ourselves. I would like to share with you my processes by teaching you how to set up solid emotional foundations. I am here to listen to you. I am here to provide you with guidance while you work on creating your own story to match your core values. And hopefully, to carry on inspiring change in others.

It pains me to see how quickly we tend to write off our precious lives to a belief system
that brings us little to no happiness. My desire. is to prevent the suicide of the mind, body, and soul. We have one life, and the clock is ticking. Please, don’t waste it away behind a screen, looking at a clock, or jumping off a ledge. Life is precious. You are incredibly special, gifted and you have so much to enjoy, believe me.

Life, if lived in a mindful way is filled with daily joy.

The 5i’s Coaching Method are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License