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Visualising stories for clients
based around their passion
so they can better envision
their path of action.

A Little Bit About Me

I consider myself as a spiritual being who desires to connect and network with creative minds. As artists, we can rein in human consciousness by navigating through the ocean of emotions, which is the language that unites us all. From astronomers to wordsmiths, we are all artists seeking answers in this vast universe of ours. Let us collaborate, let us share and let us explore together to manifest our collective reality.

Growing up being bilingual and living between two countries has given me the tools to observe the undertones of different environments and quickly adapt to their cultures. My desire to explore the human brain and its social patterns have set me on trains, planes, and busses around the world to only discover how similar we all are to our needs. Despite growing up in a 1st world country, we are far away from living in a world filled with humanity.